What Funerals Should You Send To The Funeral Home?

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One of the most popular gifts that funeral homes in Deltona, FL for any type of final service are flower arrangements. Whether you are able to attend the service, or want to tell the family you are thinking of them from afar, flowers are a nice gift that can help decorate the funeral home and personalize the service. But what type of flowers are best for the service? You want something that fits in and isn’t overly scented so it doesn’t bother those in attendance. Here are some of the most popular flowers to send to a funeral home service.

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Roses mean different things, depending on their color. Red roses show love, respect and courage while pink shoes love, grace, and appreciation. Friends will often send yellow roses to show that bond. Ask the flower shop what they recommend based on your relationship to the family involved with the death.


Lilies are the most popular funeral flower as they represent peace and innocence. When you smell lilies, it might remind you of the last final service you attended and you may even have a peace lily plant in your home to remind you of a loved one. When in doubt, they are an easy, obvious answer.


Carnations are often included in the arrangement to add color. Their colors also mean different things. Red means affection while white shows innocence and pink is a color of remembrance.


Orchids have a unique meaning that say, ‘I will always love you.’ They are flowers that can last for a long time and can be around to grace someone’s home well after the funeral service is complete.


There are countries in Europe that exclusively use Mums as funeral flowers and decorate graves with them. They represent grief in those countries while in America, they often represent truth. The flowers have varied meaning, but they look cheerful and are supposed to uplift those in grieving.


No one knows the history behind hydrangea meanings and the plants aren’t always associated with funerals, but they are still a great option. They are often a gift of thanks or understanding and the flower itself is easy to maintain and will bloom for years, which can remind the grieving of their loved one.

If you are looking to send a flower arrangement or wreath to a funeral home in Deltona, FL, contact a flower shop for more ideas. You can also call Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory to see what has already been delivered so you can get something unique. We have other ideas that will make your arrangement stand out. Of, if you wish to forego flowers and want to send something else for a sympathy gift, we have ideas for that as well. We’re located at 1233 Saxon Blvd, Orange City, FL and you can call us at (386) 775-2101 with your questions. We’re also always available online if you need more information at https://www.baldaufffuneralhome.com/

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