Funeral Home Help With Moving Past An Illness

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There’s nothing worse than watching someone you love suffer through a terminal illness. You never want your family members to be in pain. When the illness gets the better of your loved one, you might need to call one of the Daytona Beach, FL funeral homes for help with their final services. It’s hard to take the arrangements on and you will be grieving, but you might also feel a sense of relief that your loved one is no longer in pain. Don’t feel guilty over any emotions you have. They are all normal. While you can have a memorial service or a full funeral, you might feel better about celebrating their life.

Daytona Beach, FL funeral homes

Consider how your loved one would want to be remembered as you plan their final services. Would they want people to be sad over the fact that they were ill and lost the long fight? Or would they rather be remembered for the good times that took place in their life. It’s not always possible to do one or the other since everything is intricately connected. There are going to be tears and sadness over the loss, but there’s nothing wrong with there being smiles and laughter over happy memories as well.

Sometimes, when a long illness is involved, you don’t want to think about the end any longer. It can be easier for everyone involved to move back in time and remember the good parts of their life. Think about the pet peeves that maybe drove you a little crazy (but that you miss like crazy now), how much the person loved animals, or how happy they were when they played with their kids or grandkids.

You won’t be able to forget the illness, but that illness isn’t going to prevent you from remembering your loved one in their happy years. They have a lot of good memories from the years before they passed on. Remembering those good times through a service can help you keep their personality alive and well for many years.

If you need help planning a celebration of life, or even a memorial service that centers around the good times, contact a Daytona Beach, FL funeral home for ideas and options. If you are at a loss and aren’t sure what to do for the service, we have plenty of choices to consider. We help families with these situations all of the time and we’re here to help you through it as well. Our compassionate representatives want the best for your loved one. We’ll help you through the planning process one step at a time. Contact Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory, located at 1233 Saxon Blvd, Orange City, FL by calling (386) 775-2101. You can ask questions and get ideas on the phone or you can set up a time to speak with our funeral director in person. It’s also a good time to take a tour of our facilities so you can see if we have the space you need for whatever service you are planning.

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