Sympathy Gifts Are For Cremation Too

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cremation in Orlando, FLOne of the many questions that funeral homes get is, “What should I take to the family or to someone who has gone through a cremation in Orlando, FL?” While cremation memorial services might appear different than traditional funerals, you can take many of the same things as gifts. Really, there is no need to worry about the gift. The gesture behind any memorial is what counts and simply being there for your friends is often enough. If you do choose to bring a gift of some sort, here are some of the most common suggestions.  


Flowers are the most common type of memorial gift and they are a very nice gesture. You could go with cut flowers that will only last a little while or some type of plant that can live for years into the future. Maybe you know the deceased’s favorite flower or plant and you can go with that. If the family lives in town, a plant is more practical. If they have to travel in for the memorial, cut flowers work well. After the memorial, they can donate them to a local senior home, hospital, or somewhere else. But while flowers work well, it is becoming more popular for people to ask for donations to a certain cause in lieu of flowers.  

Monetary Gift 

While flowers are lovely at any memorial service, sometimes families get too many of them. Instead, families sometimes ask for donations to go to a specific cause or to a memorial fund. When you give a donation, it’s an easy way to show how much you care. If you don’t know where they would like the money to go, you can choose a cause yourself that relates to the person they lost. If they loved animals, maybe a local shelter would be a good place. If they had cancer, then cancer research is a wonderful cause and so on.  


It’s hard for those in grief to find the time to cook and if they have a lot of family in town, preparing some meals they can freeze and warm up whenever they want is a very nice thing to do. You can go with something simple like sandwich buns, meat and cheese, or a full crock pot meal. Try to find out how many people are staying with them and plan accordingly.  

These are just some of the most common gifts people give at or after a memorial service after an Orlando, FL cremation, but there are many more things that can work as well. If you’d like more ideas that fit a specific situation, contact Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory for suggestions. We’re located at 1233 Saxon Blvd, Orange City, FL 32763 and you can get ahold of us by phone at (386) 775-2101. If you need to organize a cremation yourself, you’re welcome to call us with your questions. You can also get started in looking through our services and various options on our website at 

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