Making Cremation Services More Environmentally Friendly

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cremation services in Deland, FLThere are a number of different reasons why people choose cremation services in Deland, FL over traditional funerals. Perhaps they like the freedom from the traditional timeline so services can be planned at a convenient date and at any pace. Maybe they like the versatile service options that come along with this disposition method. There are also many that appreciate the cost-effectiveness of the procedure. And today, there are more and more people that look to the environment for their answers. Cremation is said to be more environmentally friendly than the alternative so it might be a good option for you to choose if you want to leave a smaller carbon footprint. But even in choosing cremation, there are more things you can do for the environment. Here are a few to consider:

Get A Biodegradable Urn

IF you want your ashes to be buried after you are cremated, or even set off for a burial at sea, getting a biodegradable urn can help the environment even further than the cremation alone. These urns break down easier and don’t have a negative impact on the earth. They can protect the ground or water from harmful substances and chemicals and give you a natural sendoff that lessens your carbon footprint.

Choose The Right Cremation Casket

Though you don’t have to have a casket for burial, you may have to have a cremation casket. Some of these casket options can send out fumes and noxious gases when they are burned. Instead, you can opt for non-toxic casket materials that come from renewable resources, like wicker and cardboard. These caskets still get the job done, but they don’t harm the environment as they burn.

Recycle Prior To Cremation

Any metal devices that are within the deceased (such as a pacemaker) will have to be removed before the cremation takes place. You can also have other devices (like plastic items) removed and recycled or simply disposed of so they don’t send up those harmful gases. They can also create ashes that are non-biodegradable, which is not what you want to remain environmentally-friendly.

There are many things that make cremation easier on the environment than traditional burial services, but if you want to take things even further, ask the professionals for suggestions. IF you are planning your cremation services in Deland, FL in advance, you have time on your side to think through the options. IF you are planning for a loved one, you want to do your best to follow their wishes and if they wanted a small carbon footprint, look into the choices available. Contact the experts at Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory, located at 1233 Saxon Blvd, Orange City, FL with your questions. You can call us at (386) 775-2101 and we’ll talk by phone or set up a time for you to come in and see options and talk over details in person. We look forward to helping you with any cremation needs you might have in the future.

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