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Facts and Considerations about At Sea Burials

funeral homes in Orlando, FL

There are many ways to celebrate a loved one after they have passed on. And whether you’re choosing a traditional burial with one of the funeral homes in Lake Helen, FL, or looking for a sea-based ceremony, it’s crucial to get essential information for the process. To make this easier for you, we have gathered some basic information for at-sea burials to help you create this event.

At Sea Burial Options

There are three specific ways to lay a loved one to rest at sea, and they all have different requirements. Understanding the differences is crucial, and the options are:


This type of ceremony is for almost anyone, and in most cases, a specialized vessel will be chartered to help complete this process. Many companies specialize in this, and you will need to consider the vessel size required to help accommodate the individuals who want to attend the ceremony.

The EPA requires full body disposal to be at least three nautical miles and 600 feet in depth before any burial can be completed and depending on your location; there may be state laws to consider. In most cases, the companies that provide this service will have this information available, so be sure to do the appropriate research to find the right business for your situation.

In addition to this, a licensed funeral director will also have to be present for the experience until the Interment is completed. The deceased needs to be laid to rest and non-toxic clothing and placed in a casket that is biodegradable and has no chemicals or plastics.


At sea burials are common for individuals who have served in the Navy and will traditionally be done when the ship is on deployment. This will mean that the family cannot attend the function, but they will receive a letter from the commanding officer letting them know where, the time, and the date of the event.

There are specific requirements to be able to have one of these naval at sea burial events. In addition, particular documents will also be required, so you may need to do some research to get everything needed.


Scattering of ashes is an easier option than the other two, and in most cases, a biodegradable urn will need to be utilized. Or, if the individual requested to have their ashes scattered into the water, you might consider adding in flowers or petals as they’re being released as a way to honor them.

funeral homes in Orlando, FL

We Provide Exceptional Services with Caring Support

Add sea burials have been around since ancient times and are seen as an honorable way to send off a loved one. Finding ways to make the service authentic and memorable is crucial, and if you have been researching funeral homes in Lake Helen, FL, we would love to help you through the process. Our company’s primary mission is to offer exceptional services based on compassion and care for all our clients. So, if you have recently experienced a loss, contact us today, and we will help you get started with the process.

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