Giving Your Loved One A Burial At Sea

Posted on March 22, 2021 by admin under cremations
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Living in Orlando gives you easy access to the ocean. When a family member who loved the water passes on, you might feel good about having cremation services in Orlando, FL for them so you can then scatter their ashes in the ocean. If you have never followed through with this process before, there are some things you will need to know.

Contact The Coast Guard

If you aren’t sure about the laws and regulations, you can always contact the coast guard and ask. But you need to know that it is not allowed to scatter your loved one from the beach or any location where they might possibly come into contact with other people. You can scatter them in the ocean, but you need to do so from a boat a certain length away from the shore. You can charter a boat, rent one, use one you have, borrow one, and so on. The coast guard can give you the details on any other rules you need to know.

Stock The Boat

Once you have a boat ready and a day is chosen, you will want to stock the boat with the necessary items. You might be just going for a quick trip out to scatter your loved one and back. But it’s still wise to have some items on hand. Pack whatever for everyone and perhaps a few snacks. You could take some motion sickness medication in case anyone is bothered by the rocking motion. And a general first aid kit is always a good idea.

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Think Through The Ceremony

You don’t want to get out in the boat with the ashes and your close family and realize you have nothing else in mind. Think about the ceremony you want to have. Do you want everyone to share a memory? Is there a poem you would like to read or a song you would like to play? Is everyone going to scatter a little ash or is one person going to do the job alone while others watch? It’s important to form the ceremony in your mind so you can ensure that you get in everything you want to do when the time comes.

There are lots of other places you can lay your loved one to rest, but if you choose an ocean scattering, the professionals can help you get things set up and thought through. When you get cremation services in Orlando, FL from Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory, we are here for much more than just the cremation process itself. We can give you advice on scatterings, hold memorial services for you, offer advice and suggestions for anything along the way and much more. You can even come back to us in the future if you or a loved one needs grief resources of some kind. We’re here for whatever kind of support you need and we will always offer out compassion no matter what your circumstances might be including.

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