Cremation Services May Check More Boxes

Posted on December 28, 2020 by admin under cremations
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cremation services in Orlando, FL

Are you the type of person who makes pro and con lists? Perhaps you have a certain list for various areas in your life and you want to check every box off and see what fits you the best before you move forward. When you are trying to plan your own final services, it might be that cremation services in Orlando, FL have more in the ‘pro’ column or that it checks off more of the boxes you have in mind. Here are a few boxes you can definitely check, which, coincidentally, are also pros.

Fits The Budget

No matter how large your budget is, cremation can fit in. You don’t have to spend every penny in the budget, if you don’t want to, right? And, even better, cremation also fits budgets that are very small. If you want to pre-pay for your services, you might have a certain amount you’d like to designate to whatever plan you choose. Chances are, you will be able to fit a cremation into your cost parameters a lot easier than a traditional service. Cremation is a quality, honorable service, but it doesn’t require as many products or services and that makes it cost much less than the other option.

Includes Service Options

While traditional services are soothing to many people because they know what to expect, you might have other ideas in mind and that’s okay, too. If you have something in mind that doesn’t fit into a traditional funeral, cremation will come in and check that box for you. Once cremation occurs, you can do just about anything you want in terms of service style, timeline, and even final resting place. It allows you to customize any aspect you’d like while taking the pressure off your family on doing something right away.


Your definition of what’s acceptable could be different than what someone else would say, but overall, you could check this box on cremation or a traditional burial. Cremation is accepted by most major religions and it’s widely accepted by society in general. People understand it now and it’s used much more often so that makes it something everyone is willing to accept more readily.

cremation services in Orlando, FL

There are lots of other boxes you might have in mind as you plan your own services and that’s great. The more you know about what you want, the easier it is to make those hard decisions. If you find that cremation services in Orlando, FL checks more boxes than traditional services, the professionals at Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory are happy to help you move in that direction. If you aren’t sure yet what you want, that’s okay, too. We have options to show you that can help you get the information you need to move one way or the other after you have considered the details with care. We’re here to help you get plans in writing, whenever you are ready to move ahead with what you want for the future.

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