Are Cremation Services Your Right Choice?

Posted on June 8, 2020 by admin under cremations
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cremation services in Deland, FL

There’s nothing easy about planning final services. You’ll have to consider a lot of things and your loved one’s needs are at the forefront of your home. When you are planning on someone else’s behalf and you don’t know what you would have wanted, you might feel like you have to guess. Keep in mind that both traditional and cremation services in Deland, FL are completely honorable. That means there are no wrong choices. You just have to decide which option is more right for your situation. Here are a few reasons why cremation might be your right choice in this situation.

It’s Affordable

If your loved one didn’t plan their services ahead of time, chances are they didn’t leave money behind to pay for them either. If you have to foot the bill, cremation is the more affordable option. And there’s nothing wrong with using it because you can afford it. You’ll be saving thousands of dollars, most likely, and you can give your loved one the proper sendoff they deserve at the same time.

You Get Options

When you choose traditional burial, the options are laid out before you because things usually take a certain course. When you choose cremation, there are a lot more choices to make. You might find it comforting to know that you can do whatever truly suits your loved one, whether that’s an ash scattering, a celebration of life, or a formal memorial. You also have flexibility in every area so you can bend things to suit whatever your circumstances might be.

It’s Simple

Not everyone wants a highly involved, detailed funeral. If you want something that’s over with quickly and is simple and dignified, cremation might be the right choice. The process is smooth and easy, and you can do whatever you want afterwards.

The Timing Can Vary

Once someone passes on, the clock starts ticking down and you have to plan their funeral quickly and efficiently. IF you go with cremation, however, you can stop the clock. Once the cremation is complete, the memorial service can take place whenever you want it to. You might find it comforting to know that you have as much time as you need to plan something truly special and memorable for your loved one.

cremation services in Deland, FL

There are lots of other reasons why cremation services in Deland, FL might be the right choice for your situation. Keep in mind that there are really no right or wrong options and there also are no right or wrong reasons to go one way or the other. The professionals at Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory can lay out your choices for you and make sure you have what you need to make an informed decision. Once you decide on behalf of your loved one, we will support your decision and implement it with respect and dignity every step of the way. Call us for a consultation, with questions, or to set up a tour to see how we operate in person.

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