Planning Cremation Services: Ahead Or Wait?

Posted on August 12, 2019 by admin under cremations
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You know that someday, you are going to pass away. It’s only a matter of time. Whether that takes place decades from now or just a few months from now. If you’d like cremation services in Daytona Beach, FL after you pass on, you have two basic options: Plan them ahead of time yourself or wait and let your family do it. Here are the pros and cons of each to help you make a decision.

cremation services in Daytona Beach, FL

Pro Of Planning: Get What You Want

If you decide to plan your own cremation services, you can get just what you want for those services. There’s no need to worry that your family won’t do things as you want them to because you set everything up yourself.

Pro Of Waiting: You Don’t Deal With It

If you decide to leave the plans up to your family, the good news is that you don’t have to deal with a thing. You can ignore your own mortality and live your life to its fullest until your time comes. Once you are gone, you may not care what happens because you aren’t there to participate or witness it.

Con Of Waiting: Burdening Your Family

If you wait and don’t set up plans for yourself, sure, you don’t have to deal with the plans, but your family does. That’s a huge downside for them. They will be mourning you and their emotions will be heavy. On top of that grief, they have to guess at what you would have wanted and try to make plans in your absence. It’s a huge burden on them that you can lift by planning in advance.

Pro Of Planning: Payment Options

If you like the idea of relieving your family of burdens, you might also like the idea of paying for your cremation services in advance. This isn’t a necessary part of the process, but when you pay ahead of time, you get today’s prices, which can save you a lot of money down the road. Plus, it’s one less thing your family has to worry about when the time comes. Not only do they get to just call the funeral home and start the plans you’ve created, but they don’t have to worry about funding them either.

These pros and cons can help you decide what direction you want to take on cremation services in Daytona Beach, FL. If you’d like to move forward and work on your own final services, the professionals at Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory are here to help you do that. You can meet with our funeral director at 1233 Saxon Blvd, Orange City, FL. If you just have questions as you consider your options, contact us at (386) 775-2101 and we’ll get you the information you need to make decisions for yourself. You can also visit our website to look over services we offer, get ideas, and help yourself talk through things with your family to make it all easier on everyone involved:

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