Which Cremation Service Is Right For Your Family?

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It can be very hard to make decisions for someone else after they have passed on. Perhaps you know your loved one wanted cremation services in Deland, FL, but there are a variety of options surrounding the actual cremation itself. Which should you choose? Here are some options to consider and what might be right for your family.

cremation services in Deland, FL

Your Family Is Spread Apart

IF your family is located all over the country, it might be best to go with direct cremation. There are no services before the cremation takes place, but you can have whatever type of service after that you’d like. When you go with direct cremation, you buy yourself time. There’s no longer a timeline for any service. After cremation is complete, you can take your time in gathering people together and planning something really special.

Your Family Is Very Traditional

If your family finds comfort in the traditions of a regular funeral, they might like a visitation to say a final goodbye and a funeral for closure. In that case, you can have those services before the cremation takes place. After the funeral services are done, the cremation can happen and you can have an ash scattering or another service after that, if you’d like.

Your Family Is Nature-Oriented

If you can’t remember the last time your family gathered at an inside event, having some kind of memorial outside is always an option. Gather in a park to remember your loved one where you can plant a tree, scatter ashes, dedicate a park bench, or even share memories. Having something outside keeps the feeling more casual and laid back and can be something more of your family is comfortable with.

Your Family Doesn’t Get Along

It’s sad when families have rifts in them, but it happens more often than you’d think. If you really want everyone in your family to have a chance to honor your loved one, but you don’t really want to gather them all in the same location for fear of someone having words with someone else, consider having a few different memorial services in different locations. Incite certain family members to a memorial service in the funeral home and others to an ash scattering in the park, or something of that nature.

When you are planning cremation services in Deland, FL for a loved one, it can be hard to decide what direction to take the services around their cremation. Think about what they would have wanted, what your family would appreciate, and what you can feasibly do with your budget and timeline. There are no right or wrong answers and you have to do what you think is best with what you have to work with. Give Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory a call at (386) 775-2101 and we’ll give you suggestions until you reach the right answers. You can visit with our funeral director to look over packages and options at 1233 Saxon Blvd Orange City, FL 32763.

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