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Tips for Navigating Grief


Process loss can be an excruciating process and feel overwhelming or confusing at times. If you have never lost someone, it can be more complicated because you may not understand what emotions are being experienced or what you do to process them. There is great value in knowing how to take care of yourself when you are going through grief, and it becomes that much more important after the cremation services in Lake Helen, FL. Understanding different strategies you can use offered to sell for compassionate care is vital so here are suggestions.

Patience, Kindness, and Compassion 

It can be easy to forget that you are experiencing a normal process when you’re going through the five stages of grief. You might have expectations on yourself to be able to perform exactly how you did before the loss occurred, and it’s not always possible. Using kindness and compassion can help keep your focus on the concept that right now, you have emotions to process, and it’s okay to be exactly where you are. Patience can be applied to the process of giving yourself enough time to get through emotions.

Move Your Body

Exercise can be a highly beneficial option that can help release endorphins that contribute to an overall feeling of well-being and help with elevating moods.

See a Doctor

Due to the stress that can come with grieving, it’s recommended that you check with your doctor to address any issues or concerns that you may have.

Have Some Fun

Even when you may not feel like socializing with friends or family, you may choose alternate options. You can put on a favorite or funny movie, watch YouTube videos, or even work on a favorite hobby to help contribute to promoting an elevation in mood.

Rest Up

Sleep hygiene is highly beneficial even in the best of circumstances and especially when you’re going through the process of grief. Take the time to make sure you’re getting the proper amount of rest so you can process your emotions more easily.

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated 

In many cases, grieving individuals may turn to comfort foods while trying to process their emotions. It’s not unnatural to want salty or fatty foods as you’re going through a healing process, but it’s good to be mindful to keep a balance with healthy food choices and proper hydration to support your body.

cremation services in Orlando, FL


The last suggestion is to include a dose of meditation in your day-to-day life. If you’re unfamiliar with the practice, several online guided meditations can be very beneficial for helping emotions and promoting relaxation.

Quality you Trust 

Grief can be a confusing process, and it’s highly beneficial to practice self-care steps as you go through the emotions. Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory understand the pain of loss, and we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of compassionate care for all our clients. If you are looking for cremation services in Orlando, FL, let us assist with your planning needs, so contact us today.

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