Supporting A Cremation Service From Far Away

Posted on July 26, 2021 by admin under cremations
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cremation services in Orlando, FL

If a family member passes on, or perhaps you learn that a friend who lives in another state lost a loved one, it’s possible for you to support cremation services in Orlando, FL, even from a distance. You may not be able to be there for the services, but your family and friends can still know that you care about them and are thinking of them. Here are a few ways you can support the bereaved in their grieving.

Plan A Visit

Even if you can’t be there right away for the memorial service, you can still tell your family or your friend that you are going to plan a visit. Don’t just give it lip service, either, but actually follow through. Give them a date, even if it’s a month or two down the road. When you go for that visit, you can support the people who lost the loved one or you can visit the place where that person was buried or scattered and have your own memorial service with your friend or other family members. Being there in person, even if you are late, can mean a lot to everyone involved.

Have A Video Lunch Date

Just because you can’t be there to pass out hugs doesn’t mean you have to stay away completely. There’s technology today that allows you to get in touch with people even over the miles of space that might be between you and them. Set up a time when you can ‘have lunch’ with your friend or some family members virtually. You can talk about the person who died, spend some time together catching up, eat, and enjoy each other’s company as best you can.

cremation services in Orlando, FL

Donate To Their Chosen Charity

If you know the person who passed on always donated blood, you might send a check to the Red Cross. If the family has asked for donations to go to a certain charity, you can join in and support that charity in their honor. This is something you can do no matter how far away you are. Let the family or your friend know that you made a donation to honor the person who passed on and it can mean a lot to them.

Order A Delivery

There are tons of things that can be ordered and delivered today and if you want to support a family going through a hard time, have a meal sent. You could have groceries delivered, a gift basket, or any number of other things to support them through the grief, even if you can’t be there to deliver it yourself in person.

When you hear that there are cremation services in Orlando, FL going on for a family member who lives far away, or if a friend of yours in another state has lost a loved one, you can still support them. The professionals at Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory encourage you to call us to get ideas or come up with your own.

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