Steps and Considerations for the Embalming Process

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Funeral homes in Orlando, FL, are a trusted source for providing quality experiences and creating special services. If you are planning on having a viewing of the deceased, embalming may be a requirement, but it takes several steps to get it completed. We want you to have as much information as possible, so we have listed the steps of the embalming procedure to give you a better understanding.

Why Choose Embalming?

After an individual passes away, there may be the need to have a viewing of the deceased, and embalming will be necessary to keep the body in a viewable state for a longer. This is ideal if there’s going to be an open casket; in most cases, embalming will be about preference. Some people need to see the deceased before they are cremated or buried, and for others, it can help with their grief process, so it may be essential to complete.

What are the Steps?

The embalming process will start once the body arrives at the mortuary, where the individual will be cleaned, and their body will be disinfected. The individual will then be prepared for the process, and cotton will be placed in the nose and mouth. To create a natural positioning, the eyes will be closed, and caps will be placed under the eyelids or glued shut to avoid having to face move if the casket is disturbed.

In addition, if rigor mortis has set in, the individual will also have their joints and muscles massaged so they can be moved and arranged more easily for the event.

The next step consists of a formaldehyde solution pumped through the body’s arteries to replace any remaining blood in the individual. Any body fluids and gases will be removed from the organs and replaced with the embalming fluid.

Once this is completed, the body is re-cleaned, and cosmetics are applied to help recreate their natural look. Funeral homes have a cosmetologist that will do this part, including nails being manicured, stray hairs are removed, the hair is styled, and the body will be dressed in clothing provided by the family.

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The bombing only takes about an hour, but the preparation for the viewing can take longer and be many hours depending on the individual’s condition when they arrive.

After this process, the body will be placed into the casket picked out by the family, and they will have the memorial service traditionally followed by a burial.

Your Exceptional Choice for Streamlined Services

For anyone who wants to have a viewing of the deceased at the services, embalming is an essential part of the process. Seeing the individual can help bring some closure and picking the correct details for the event can also help with the healing process.

The services are an integral part of laying the individual to rest, and if you need assistance and are looking at funeral homes in Orlando, FL, we are your local experts. We are locally owned and understand the pain of loss, so contact us today for more information.

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