Possible Cremation Keepsakes Funeral Homes Can Provide

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After someone passes on you want to hold on to their memory in any way you can. Sometimes, that might mean some kind of material item that makes you think about them whenever you see it. The funeral home in Deltona, FL you choose to work with can help you with keepsake ideas, but these items are something to consider.  

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Traditional Urns 

Urns are the most traditional way of holding onto a loved one in the form of a keepsake. Your funeral home can offer you options for urns or you can purchase them elsewhere. If you are going to keep the urn and your loved one’s ashes in your home, you will want to capture their spirit as well as get something that will look nice. Some people get urns engraved, like they would a headstone, with the person’s name, birth and death dates or a saying they appreciated. The urn is a traditional keepsake and you can even get several smaller urns to break the ashes up among family members.  

Wind Chimes 

Wind chimes are a great visual and audible reminder of someone’s memory. If you buy a set in their honor and place them somewhere special, you will think of them every time the wind blows. You’ll feel like your loved one is closer to you when their memory is always nearby. Plus, the wind chimes may make you smile as you think of them.  


Special clocks that you can purchase in honor of your loved one can help you remember their time on earth and the passage of time in general. Every time you look at the clock, their face will come up in your mind and you can place the clock anywhere you’d like to have that memory come around as often as you’d like.  

Jewelry Items 

There are actually small urn-like jewelry items on the market that you can purchase and place some ashes within. You can also have ashes made into diamonds through a special process, or you can simply purchase a piece of jewelry to place a picture within or in memory of your loved one. If you take a piece from their collection, it can also act as a memorial to them whenever you wear it.  

There are plenty of options for memorial items after your loved one is cremated. If you need more ideas, contact a funeral home in Deltona, FL and ask what other families have done to remember their loved ones. You want your loved one’s memory to last another lifetime and beyond and memorial items can help you accomplish that. Contact Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory, located at 1233 Saxon Blvd, Orange City, FL 32763. Give us a call at (386) 775-2101 for a consultation and we’ll answer any questions you have about memorial options for your loved one after cremation. We’re here to help with the grieving process in any way we can. You can also get details about our services online at https://www.baldaufffuneralhome.com/ 

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