Making Funeral Services Special

Posted on August 17, 2020 by admin under funeral homes
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funeral services in Daytona, FL

No two funeral services in Daytona, FL should ever be identical. It’s important that when you organize a service with a funeral home that you keep your loved one in mind at all times. You want their style and personality to glow through whatever plans you make. If you are having a traditional funeral and burial service, the plans you make are a bit more tied down since there are certain traditions that have to take place in the ceremonies. However, there are ways to make these services special. Here are a few to consider:

The Music

The music is one way to communicate during a final service and you can choose things that will make the service touching and special as well as customized. Perhaps your loved one adored certain hymns. You can use those within the service. Or, maybe they liked cello music. You can have a cellist play some classical favorites before and after the service. The music can make the service feel customized and special for your loved one.

The Readings

There are often passaged read during a funeral and they can be from many different sources. People often use the Bible, poems, or even short stories. Not only will you want to pay attention to what’s being read in order to make things feel special, but you will also want to think about who will read the passage. If there’s a certain person in your family that you know could do it and would be touching to your loved one, that makes it all that much more special.

The Attendees

Just as important as what happens within the service is who is attending the service itself. You will want to invite the people who meant the most to your loved one without leaving out any special friends they would want there. You could also open the services to the public as well if you want anyone who feels led to come to have the ability to do so. Having the most special people there to support one another can really make things feel that much nicer and honoring.

The Bulletin

Most funerals have bulletins that list the order of events and when you want to have a special event, you will make sure the bulletin is just right. Not only will you list the order of events, but perhaps you’ll have a longer bio of your loved one and a picture included or something else that people can keep as a memorial item after the services are over.

funeral services in Daytona, FL

There are many ways to make funeral services in Daytona, FL special and no two should be exactly alike. The professionals at Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory understand that your loved one is completely unique and we want to treat them as such with any service you hold for them. Call us and we’ll go over basic packages for you and then, we’ll customize anything you want and change things up so you are able to make things truly special for them.

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