Funeral Homes Can Help With Urn Vaults

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If you have decided to cremate a loved one, your funeral home in Orlando, FL can help you with every detail from start to finish. There are a lot of choices to make regarding the remains or ashes that will come back to you after cremation takes place. You can buy an urn and keep it at home, scatter ashes, place them in jewelry, or bury them. If you decide to bury the urn in a cemetery plot, you might want to consider getting a vault for the urn. The funeral home can help with that as well. Here are a few things they can help you recognize:

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Urn Vaults Might Be Required

You probably don’t know nearly as much about cemetery rules as funeral homes do so your representatives can help you understand the rules. It’s possible that some cemeteries will require the urn to be placed in a vault before it is buried. You wouldn’t have a choice in that case. Even if you do have a choice, there are good reasons to include a vault in the burial process.

Vaults Are Protective In Nature

A lot of things happen underground as the years go by and a vault around the urn that contains your loves one’s ashes can protect them. The vault will act as a go between around the dirt, water, and other things that happen underground. There’s a lot of heavy equipment that goes around in cemeteries as well and the vault can help safeguard the urn from anything that happens around it.

Customizing Is Possible

Just as you can get an urn that is custom in nature, you can also get an urn vault with custom measures. You can get different materials and styles to make the vault more fitting to your loves one’s personality and style.

Costs Are Varied

As is true with the urns, there is a variety of costs available within the urn vault region. You can get vaults that cost the same as or less than an urn or you can get something way more expensive, all depending on what you want. There are enough options that anyone can find something to fit into their budget. And the funeral home can help fit you to the right vault for your needs and cost straights.

If you are looking into funeral homes in Orlando, FL, the professionals at Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory are here to help you with all of your final service needs from start to finish. We can do cremation, of course, but we will also help you with finding the right urn and choosing an urn vault, if you so desire. We’re located at 1233 Saxon Blvd, Orange City, FL and we can show you some urns and vaults in person. You don’t have to purchase those products from us, however, and we can help point you in the right direction for what you want. You can also call with questions and for details at (386) 775-2101.

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