Funeral Home Mistruths

Posted on July 5, 2021 by admin under funeral homes
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funeral homes in Daytona Beach, FL

While you might know some things about funeral homes in Daytona Beach, FL, if you have never worked with one, or it’s been a long time, you might have heard some things that you believe aren’t actually true. Here are some mistruths that you should know about so you can decide what you want to do based on the real truth.

Funeral Services Can Only Be Right After Death

Funerals are traditionally after a person passes away—within a few days. But that doesn’t have to be what happens. While you have to take care of a burial or cremation within a few days, the funeral doesn’t absolutely have to happen first. You can cremate your loved ones or bury them, and then have the funeral if you need more time. The difference is that their body won’t be present in a casket during the service. As long as you’re okay with that, you can have the funeral at any time.

You Can’t Have A Funeral Around Cremation

Some people think that if you decide to cremate a loved one, you can’t have a funeral at all, but that is also not the case. You could have the funeral first, then cremate your loved one. The funeral can be completely normal with visitation and everything. The traditions and ceremonies can be upheld. Then, once that is complete, you can move forward with cremation. Or, you can cremate your loved one and have a funeral after, including their urn instead of a casket.

Embalming Services Are Required

While embalming services are often recommended if you are going to have a visitation or funeral that includes an open casket, do not feel like they are required. Funeral homes are required, by law, to give you the options. You don’t have to embalm your loved one if you don’t want that service. If you are cremating them, you for sure don’t need to. But even if you aren’t, you have the option and you should consider what you want to do.

funeral homes in Daytona Beach, FL

Funeral Homes Gouge The Grieving

You might feel like funeral homes are trying to make money off of your grief, but that’s not the case at all—at least not for reputable funeral homes. The right professionals are charging you fair prices for quality services. They aren’t going to try and upsell you or get more out of you than they should. They will help, even if you want minimal services and are on a budget.

When you work with funeral homes in Daytona Beach, FL, it’s okay if you have some mistruths that you have heard and want to find out more about. Ask the professionals anything you want to know and they can set you straight if you have something you didn’t know the truth about. The experts at Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory are here to help you with services from start to finish. Even if you don’t need services for a loved one right now, you can call us about misconceptions and we’ll help.

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