Cremation Service Myths And Truths

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Cremation services in Deland, FL have been around for centuries, but that doesn’t mean you know that much about them. In fact, because they are becoming more popular within society as a whole, more people are trying to learn about them so they can figure out whether or not they want to organize a cremation for themselves someday, or for a loved one on a sooner level. Here are some of the myths about cremation that you need to hear truths about so you can make your own decisions when the time comes.

Cremation services in Deland, FL

Myth 1: The Remains May Or May Not Be Your Loved One

One of the biggest myths that surrounds cremation is that if you have cremation done for a loved one, you never know if you are getting their remains back, someone else’s, or a mixture. That myth is beyond untrue. Cremation services have strict protocols and procedures in place so that does not happen. There are no mistakes and providers take every precaution to ensure it. When you have a loved one cremated and you receive their ashes after the process is complete, it’s them through and through.

Myth 2: Cremation Is Impersonal

This myth is more of an opinion that some people have that somehow morphed into something other people believed as well. But it is also untrue. Cremation, the process, happens in about the same way every time. Just as a traditional burial takes place in the same manner. However, the services you have around the cremation are what make things personal, unique, and special. With cremation, you can do anything you want for your loved one and you can create something truly memorable in their honor. It can be an even more personal process than other options, in fact.

Myth 3: Cremation Is Bad For The Environment

There are many debates over this and there is not yet a hard and fast solution, but overall, most people believe the cremation is easier on the environment than a traditional burial. The cremation process does put some emissions out into the environment, but it does not place harmful chemicals into the ground like traditional burial can. It also does not place metals into the ground, and it does not take up precious ground space. Those things make it friendlier to the environment than the alternative.

There are a lot of other myths surrounding cremation services in Deland, FL and before you believe everything you hear, check into the truth of each claim. If you are confused or want real answers, contact the professionals at Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory at (386) 775-2101. We won’t try to talk you into one method over the other, but we will give you the information you need to make a decision for yourself. When you want to see our facilities, tour our crematory, or visit with a funeral director, you’re welcome to visit us at 1233 Saxon Blvd Orange City, FL. You need details, we have them, and we’re here to help you figure everything out.

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