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Cremation Pre-Planning, Arranging, And Payment


If you like to plan ahead for big events, there’s nothing bigger than the end of life. There are plenty of advantages to planning ahead for your own cremation in DeLand, FL, but you might want to know the steps that are involved in the process before you get started. You will want to pre-plan, pre-arrange, and possibly even pre-pay, for example. Here’s what all that means:  

Pre-Planning Cremation 

Pre-planning your own cremation is generally the informal discussion you’ll have with your family members about what you want once you pass on. You might tell them that you want to be cremated, where you want your ashes buried or scattered, and where the plans will be held, such as at a local funeral home. They could give you input on things they would like for the final services in order to help them move on. This is a great thing to do before you move further down the road with the planning process.  

Pre-Arranging Cremation 

This process occurs when you sit down with a funeral home and go over your special plans, instructions, biographical information, and everything else you want included in a service or anything else. The funeral home will keep track of everything so you don’t have to. You can give a copy to a family member, so they know what to expect, but as long as your family knows to approach the right funeral home, the arrangements will be in place once they put things into motion.  

Pre-Paying cremation in Sanford, FL

This is an optional thing that you might want to consider as well. Some people like to pay for their own cremation when they make the arrangements so they (and their family members) don’t have to worry about it later. The benefit to that is that you can pay today’s prices and get the services you want whenever you pass on, even if that’s decades from now. You save a lot of money by paying now. You can also set up a payment plan and pay a little towards the cremation at a time on a budget. Others simply set up an account of some sort and stash money away to be used toward their cremation when the time comes. The option is completely up to you and depends on what you want now and in the future.  

These are the basic steps you will take to plan your own cremation in Sanford, FL in advance. It’s always nice to start by talking to family members so they know what you want and then you can move on to make the actual arrangements and pay for things if you’d like. When you’re ready for the arrangement stage, contact Baldauff Family Funeral Home and Crematory, located at 1233 Saxon Blvd, Orange City, FL 32763, by calling (386) 775-2101 for a consultation. We’ll sit down and go over all of the options and you can make as many decisions and put in as many details as you’d like. You can also look things over on our website to give you an idea of what we offer at 

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