Burial Crypts are an Integral Part of History, so we have Listed Some Facts About Them Here

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Funeral homes in Daytona Beach, FL, can offer you compassionate care and excellent resources if you need to lay a loved one to rest. And in some cases, a burial crypt may be their preferred option as a final resting place. Burial crypts have some interesting information and are an essential part of history, so we’ve created this helpful guide.

What is Burial Crypts?

Burial crypts are a type of chamber used to house the deceased’s remains. They are typically found in an underground location, or they may be placed in a mausoleum. Their history dates back to the beginning of Christianity and was also found in South Africa, Italy, and Greece.

In most cases, they were used as a burial space for individuals like priests, Saints, martyrs, and anyone considered worthy. Eventually, as the crypt’s popularity grew throughout Europe, their storage was not only for individuals but for religious relics.

Burial Crypt Options

There are five main types of crypts available:


A lawn crypt is an underground mausoleum that will typically contain more than one casket. These are traditionally located in cemeteries or memorial parks, and they may be designed to hold multiple individuals like family members and can be placed above and below one another or side-by-side.

In most cases, the lawn crypts will be below ground. But there are also above-ground options and a combination of both below and above ground depending on the needs of the individuals.


This style of the crypt is intended for two caskets or coffins and will be typically placed end to end.


This is the most common type of crypt you will find, and the design is for one casket only.


Family crypts design is for multiple individuals, traditionally used for families.


The side-by-side option will have enough room for two caskets placed next to each other.

What Does a Crypt Look Like?

The inside of the crypt is going to be dry, dark, and sometimes cooler depending on the location and environment. They are most likely to be smaller and in a rectangular shape. In most designs, there’s only one entryway, maybe drains or a ventilation system leading out to help release any odors that can build up from the caskets. In most cases, the coffin is sealed with glue or caulking and may have an external covering placed over the vessel.

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As you can see, burial crypts have played an essential role in laying individuals to rest through the years. Choosing the final resting place is just one step in the process, and if you are looking for a traditional burial with one of the funeral homes in Daytona Beach, FL, our team of experts has you covered. We offer compassionate care and exceptional services based on truly honoring individuals after passing on, so contact us today for more information or if you need to schedule an appointment.

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